Innovative design saves time and money

The intelligent design of IXL Solar’s new commercial roof top mounting system, combined with the revolutionary ARaymond PowAR Snap® clip, provides an extremely fast and highly cost effective alternative to existing framing systems.

Our proprietary designed frames for commercial solar systems are manufactured with minimal parts, comply with all Australian Standards and are designed to significantly reduce installation times.

In a direct comparison with a leading competitor product, the IXL Solar commercial solar system was installed 25% faster. Less time on the roof translates directly into reduced project costs and reduced risk of injury for installers.

The smart solution

In addition to reduced cost, time and injury risk, IXL Solar’s commercial rooftop systems deliver a wealth of benefits, including:

Anti-theft design – our patented design incorporating ARaymond PowerSnap® clips provides greater level of security for your commercial solar system over traditional screwed bracket panel systems, making theft extremely difficult.

Reduced footprint – a smaller inter-panel gap means less roof space is required than conventional systems letting you install more kW per m2.

No earthing clips required – the design of our CRT system eliminates the need for separate earthing clips with four contact points per panel.

Aesthetically superior – without the need for traditional mid and end clamps the IXL Solar system delivers a clean sleek finish.

Simple fuss-free installation – no fiddling with separate earth plates or loose mounting brackets. No tools are required once rails are installed.


IXL Solar provides a 10 year limited Product Warranty and a 5 year limited Finish Warranty (full details available on request).

The commercial roof top mounting system is a truly innovative, locally designed, manufactured and competitively priced solution. With a fast and efficient installation process, you’ll save a minimum 20% on installation of frames and panels onsite, backed with local engineering support and IXL’s 150 years of industry experience.

Local supply chain and support supplied direct by the manufacturer
 Australian owned and manufactured using Australian materials
 Trusted Brand
Reduce project cost
Reduced injury risk
Certified by independent 3rd party engineers
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