The 127MW (DC) Tailem Bend solar farm constructed by UGL for VENA Energy is the largest fixed tilt solar farm in South Australia and one of the largest in Australia.

IXL Solar’s contribution was significant having been selected to manufacture and supply all the framing for the project. The benefits to the local community and economy were significant and include;

  • Purchase of more than 4,000 tonnes of Australian BlueScope steel, resulting approximately 1,453 km of roll form steel sections produced in IXL Solar’s factory in South Australia.
  • 35 people directly employed at IXL Solar during the duration of the project.
  • More than $10 million injected in the local economy.

The solar farm, which has nearly 400,000 solar panels installed, was officially opened in May 2019 and now supplies power equivalent to the needs of about 40,000 homes.