By choosing the IXL Solar roof top framing solution, project managers, The Solar Project (TSP), were able to install more kW on the same footprint.

Working within the dimensional constraints of the roof and using the IXL Solar design incorporating the innovative ARaymond PowAR Snap®, enabled TSP to install nine panels in sequence. In comparison, only eight panels per row would have been achieved using a conventional aluminium framing system.

9-panels-in-8Thus, to achieve the same size system, the client would have required another nine rows of eight panels, necessitating use of another roof – longer cable runs, more racking, longer install and ultimately increased project cost.

The project manager had allowed a small team about 6-7 days for installation of the first 100kW of frames and panels, but using the IXL Solar commercial roof top system this was completed in 5 days – a genuine time saving of 22-29%.